How I deal with those who insist on making it their business to attempt to enlighten the rest of us with their political wisdom and sophistication.

Albert Petrak wrote:

 To Y'All:

                       "The Obama Drama"

The immense foo-fah-rah of this pre-election runup reminds an old 
classiker like yours truly, of a similar event that occurred 171 
years ago on March 31 of 1837, in Paris.  The eccentric princess, 
Cristina di Belgiojoso summoned the great pianists to a special 
event (to raise money for charity) to be performed in her elegant 
salon. First six pianists played on six pianos, after which the 
"great event" - the two leading (by general agreement) pianists of 
the time, Sigismond Thalberg and Franz Liszt were to "duel it out" 
to determine which was the better.

Each played a particular personal favorite, and the large crowd of 
socialites in attendance waited with baited breath to hear La 
Belgiojoso's assessment of their superiorities.  What did she murmur 
from that curious medieval costume she had donned?  It was a duel: 
"Thalberg is the greatest pianist in Europe, but Liszt is the only one."

It's rather like the current scene, in which it can be argued that 
Hillary Clinton is perhaps the most qualified contestant for the 
"glory" but Obama is "the one."  The lesson to be learned?  VOTE FOR 

Respectfully yours,

Albert M. Petrak

 John A Tuttle wrote:
Hi Albert,

While I appreciate your jocularity, it would have been
more amusing without the last sentence... Leave the
reader to draw their own conclusion..... ;-0


Albert Petrak wrote:

 Dear John:
 I might have known not to send that to you.  I'll never forget your 
 response to my enthusiasm for John Kerry in the last one....Bush will 
 bury him, said our naif....I hope you've learned your lesson, but I 
 doubt it.  Obama will swamp not only Hillary but any Republican asshole 
 you can come up with.  I know I'm not being polite, John, but that's the 
 way I feel.


John A Tuttle wrote:


Please remove my name from your personal junk mail list. 
Anyone who feels the need to resort to the use of foul 
language and off-handed insults to make a point clearly 
has a problem with self control. Being older doesn't 
give you carte blanche to be impolite. I'd prefer that 
you keep such feelings to yourself and those who are like 


John A Tuttle

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