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"True Love Grows! It is Never Stagnant. It is Caring because 'you' are Cared about, and Giving because 'you' Know it will be Returned. True Love is never in Balance because it is, Like Time.., Forever Changing." is devoted to many of the works I've created in my lifetime. While nothing at this web site may be important to anyone but me, it allows me to put it all out for the rest of the world to see and hopefully enjoy, ponder, benefit from, and/or use. All I ask is to be given credit for anything that is used somewhere else. You need not ask my permission.

Now Playing: "I've Got A Secret", by John A Tuttle. This tune was composed because I had no other way of dealing with a secret. To me, it expresses the emotion I cannot talk about. Maybe someday I will tell my secret, but that's not likely to happen for a very long time. (And, No, I'm not Gay! Though there was a time in my life when I thought I might be......)

Now Playing: "I've Got A Secret", composed July 12, 2001 by John A. Tuttle.

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This web page was put up on the internet on March 4, 2004. I am John A. Tuttle, a recovering alcoholic/drug addict. I have been clean and sober since November 24, 2003, the day after I crashed my pretty white 1997 Mercury Grand Marquis into a tree at about 70 mph. Had it not been for the Grace of God, my passenger and I would have been killed instantly. It is my sincere hope that these true stories will help other people avoid the horrors I have experienced as a result of drugs and alcohol.

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407 19th Ave, Brick, NJ, 08724
Phone Number 732-840-8787
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