"My MIDI Files"
(Music I've Composed)

by John A. Tuttle (03-15-04)

My MIDI Files
Here Are Some of My Many Songs
Take Anything You Like... They're Free
Maybe Someday I'll be able to Sell One
There are also some MP3 Files Here

Johnny Rag
Merry Christmas
My First Web Song
Young & Foolish
Pandora's Song
Thunderin' Love
Trap Spring
Christmas 2001
Song for Charles
Can Your Rumba
Comin' After You
John Funk
It's All Clear Now
Play It Again Sam
Walkin' In Whole Steps
Love For Nothin'
Like My Life
Falling Down
Charles; The Nickel Piano
Help! I Need A Doctor
Life: She's Love
Lincoln Mall
Merry Christmas
Boogie in "G"
The Cat's Walk
Stars Get In Your Eyes
For Heaven's Sake
Backwards Pandora
Debra's Song
For You Too
Heaven On Earth
Honk! Honk! Get Out of My Way!
Mother's Day

Now Playing: "Saved By Gabriel", composed by John A. Tuttle.

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