"Defending Glenn Beck"
(Spreading the Truth)

by John A. Tuttle (August 24, 2009)

The purpose of this web page is to let people know that I defend Glenn Beck and his efforts to spread the truth about our government and its policies.

As a veteran who served in Vietnam from 1966-1969, I'm keenly familiar with what it means to put my life on the line for freedom. The current administration and the Democratic majority in Congress seem hell bent on taking away our freedoms and creating a 'Socialistic' America. People like Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Mike Huckabee, Rush Limbaugh, and others are our 'public voices', and they need our full-fledged support. Below are two letters that I wrote to Radio Shack and CVS concerning their decisions to pull advertising from the Glen Beck Show. I've also written an opinion concerning the reply I received from Radio Shack. CVS didn't have the guts or the good sense to reply. I am boycotting both businesses.

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As a 30+ year customer of Radio Shack, I can assure you that I will take my business elsewhere until you change your position about Glenn Beck.

America is very fortunate to have a man like Glenn Beck speaking on behalf of the majority of people who still believe in "Freedom and Justice for All".

Personal Boycott beginning August 24, 2009.


John A Tuttle Brick, NJ, 08724 732-840-8787 (check your records) =====================================================

Their reply:

Dear John:

We appreciate your concerns on the recent advertising matter that's been circulating in the media. Unfortunately, our policy and response to the matter have been misrepresented by the activist group involved. RadioShack does not advertise on Glenn Beck's program and we have not advertised on his program, so there were no ads to cancel. The protestors have included RadioShack because one of our manufacturers advertises its "magicJack" product on Glenn Beck's show, and the ads say "available at RadioShack."

As a matter of policy, it's true that RadioShack does not typically advertise on opinion-oriented programming for precisely these reasons. We don't normally discuss our media-buying strategies because of the competitive nature of our business, although we believe our customers deserved a more detailed explanation about this disappointing episode. In the future, we'll continue to target the mix of media outlets that will reach our customers most effectively and best serve the interests of our shareholders.

In the meantime, your comments are welcome here. At The Shack, we're listening and we appreciate your support. ======================================================

My Opinion concerning their reply:

As a good friend said about this matter, "Hmm. I would say that Radio Shack is a little misleading. That's like Advertising Scotch Tape and MMM telling you they have nothing to do with it. Magic Jack is an exclusive product with...RADIO SHACK. So why don't you write them back, send them their reply, and tell them how much you appreciate their crooked, sleezy answer. And you will then publish their letter throughout the internet and let others decide who is lying. For my money, Glenn Beck KNOWS who signs the checks!

I couldn't agree more! The idea that a company can separate itself from its products is ridiculous.

John A Tuttle

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