"The Sphere of Fear"
(Socialism in America?)

by John A. Tuttle (9-3-09)

Sadly, it's not too difficult to see how the current administration plans to move our country away from capitalism and into socialism. Most plainly put, they are creating a 'sphere of fear' that encompasses everyone. Think about it for a moment. Can you name one group that doesn't have something to fear from this administration? 'They' are attacking us from so many directions that no one feels truly safe. Even as I write this piece, I wonder if it will end up on the desk of some government agency czar who will seek to silence me by closing down my web site. Fortunately, the site is hosted by a company that has its base of operations in a foreign country. So, that should make it a bit harder for 'them'.

As a veteran of the Vietnam War (yes, it was a real war -and tens of thousands of American service men and women died), I never thought the day would come when I would call the government "They" or "Them". I always felt like I was part of the government because I have always participated in the process by staying informed and voting. As I got older, I started writing to my Senators and Congressmen, and I've even written to the President a few times. Somewhat to my surprise, the senators and congressmen have written back. However, they have yet to agree with anything I had to say, and they perpetually tell me what they plan to do and why they are moving in a particular direction. The point here is that I'm not a radical, and my ideas and ideals are pretty much center-of-the-road. As a veteran, I want a strong and free country. That's why I joined the service!

What I find most annoying and disturbing about the apparent moves by the government is the idea that 'we the people' should be willing to share everything. That might not sound very Christian, but that's only the case if you don't know your Bible. While we are told to 'love thy neighbor as thyself', we are not told to give them things they haven't earned. This "Robinhood" attitude that has infiltrated the government needs to be broken down so it is understood by all. So, simply examine the word 'robinhood'. It's a no-brainer. "Rob" "In" "Hood". What does that mean to you? I know what it means to me. And if you need a more explicit definition, it means taking from those who have and giving to those who do not. From the time I was a small boy until the age of 61, that sounded to me like stealing, and we have a Commandment from God which states clearly that we must not steal from our neighbor (or anyone, for that matter).

Fortunately, to this point in time, there has been such an outcry from average Americans, that many of the 'new' government 'plans' are meeting stiff resistance. So, the latest target groups are the young people between the ages of six and twelve. The government is going straight to the schools and "requiring" that children watch movies and read literature which effectively indoctrinates them in a manner which serves the governments' agenda, which is socialism. Making the situation worse is the fact that the vast majority of the parents of these children haven't been around long enough to know how indoctrination works or what it looks like. On the surface, it always seems like it's teaching good moral values. However, underneath the rhetoric are subtle messages which bend young minds in a specific direction. Things like spying on your friends and neighbors and reporting their behavior to 'teachers' becomes acceptable. Eliminating freedom of speech and choice become normal. Honoring a person instead of a country becomes commonplace.

As 'currently' free people, what can we do to prevent government from taking away our rights and freedoms? Basically, we have to stay informed and we have to resist the planned actions of the government at every step. We cannot afford to sit by and hope that things will get better. Apathy is the greatest force available to those who are working to undermine our American way of life. Those in power are counting on Americans to do little or nothing, just as they have since the early part of the 20th Century. When less than 50% of all eligible voters turn out for an election, those who don't vote give those who do vote twice as much power. It's basic mathematics. What we all need to remember is that "Freedom Is Not FREE". It is WON or LOST in a WAR! Now the war is in our own back yard, and if we don't fight the forces who aim to take away our freedom, we will lose that war. Americans! Stay Vigilent! Stay Informed! Remain Steadfast! Participate!

Signed, John A Tuttle

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